Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reminding That Special Someone That They're Average

"Next to you, Mother Theresa was a saint."

"You are so compassionate. You make Martin Luther King, Jr. look like a great social activist."

"I believe in love at first sight. I saw Avatar."

"You are more beautiful than a door...more captivating than a hallway. You're like a drinking fountain."

Some Poems

Looking at your hair reminds me of a shimmering galaxy...mostly because of the dandruff.

My dear, I am vexed, because I find Taurus, Betelgeuse, & Orion's Belt all contained within your wondrous form...all on your back acne.

As the seasons change, the leaves become brittle, wither and die, but our love stays exactly the same. You, though? You're kind of like those leaves I was mentioning earlier.

I'm so glad I found you. You're like a butterfly; surrounded by beauty. Have you ever seen a butterfly up close, though? Disgusting. They're like flamboyant moths, you know?

Your lips are the sweetest sweet to taste. It's probably all that cake you just had.